标题: 美国大豆货船Peak Pegasus号最终将在大连北梁港卸货 [打印本页]

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标题: 美国大豆货船Peak Pegasus号最终将在大连北梁港卸货

Peak Pegasus, a cargo ship that has been circling off the Chinese coast for over a month will finally dock at Dalian’s Beiliang port on August 11, Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration told CGTN’s reporter on Friday.

周五,辽宁海事局告诉CGTN的记者,一艘在中国海岸附近盘旋了一个多月的货船Peak Pegasus号将于8月11日在大连北良港停靠。

The cargo ship, owned by JPMorgan Asset Management, left Seattle on June 8 on a month-long voyage to the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian. The trade conflict between the US and China was sparked just as it left, with the US imposing tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese imports.


The Peak Pegasus was due to deliver its 70,000-ton cargo of soybeans on July 6, but missed the tariff deadline. Offloading those US soybeans in China would incur a 25 percent tariff, adding around six million US dollars to the cost of bringing them into the country, according to the Guardian.

Peak Pegasus原定于7月6日交付7万吨的大豆,但错过了关税的最后期限。据“卫报”报道,在中国卸下这些美国大豆将需要支付25%的关税,这将增加600万美元的进口成本。

The American Soybean Association (ASA) has expressed "extreme disappointment" in the US move of imposing further tariffs on Chinese goods, which they believe will "needlessly hurt soybean growers and rural communities" in America. The ASA once again called on the administration to find a non-tariff solution to address its trade issue with China, such as utilizing soybeans as the largest agricultural export to help reduce the US trade deficit with China.


In early July, the US administration imposed an additional 25 percent tariff on 34 billion US dollars’ worth of imports from China, forcing a retaliation from China on US imports.


China imported about 33 million tons of soybeans from the US last year and takes about 62 percent of all US soybean exports annually.


China’s Sinograin, the group that handles the state grain stockpiles, is also the purchaser of these US soybeans brought by Peak Pegasus. The company will settle the relevant import duties and tax according to the customs regulations of China.

中国中粮集团也是Peak Pegasus号带来的这些美国大豆的买家。该公司将根据中国海关的规定结算相关的进口税。

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